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Strong, Clean Cut, and Motivated Truck Team Member

Go Big Blue Junk Removal – Nicholasville, KY

Junk removal Team Members carry out the most important tasks for Go Big Blue Junk Removal. They are the face of the organization to our customers. Team Members are expected to arrive on job sites well-groomed, in uniform, and ready to work. The most important tasks for Junk Removal Team Members are to truly “WOW” the customer and ensure they do not damage the property. Impressing the customer means going above and beyond the call of duty, working with enthusiasm, tidying up the work area at the conclusion of the job, and working quickly.

You will start as a Navigator. The Navigator assists the Team Leader in completing checklists, invoicing jobs, and loading the truck. Once a Navigator can safely drive a truck, quote jobs, and complete all “paperwork” correctly, he or she can be promoted to Team Leader. There is an immediate $1/hour raise upon promotion. Truck team members who quote extremely accurately, safely drive our vehicles, and “WOW” customers will be given raises accordingly.

This is an excellent job for college students or other part time workers. In just two or three days you can get a significant number of hours, so you can earn good money while also maintaining a full-time class schedule or another part time job. 

Go Big Blue Junk Removal expects team members to arrive on time (7 or 7:30am) and work hard until the day is done (often 5 or 6 pm). Team members are expected to work in all kinds of work conditions, including extreme heat and cold, rain, snow, and ice. Team members should have the determination to push through difficult jobs and days. Team members should respond to challenges with “how will I get this done?” instead of “there is no way we can do this.” 

If hard work does not scare you away, please reply with your resume. Applicants who provide a personalized message as to why they believe they will be a good fit at Go Big Blue Junk Removal will have a leg up on those who do not. We look forward to seeing your application.

Job Type: Part Time / Full Time

Salary: $14-$16 /hour

Language: English

Required work authorization: United States

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(859) 297-5865